Founded in 1990  



Mission Statement 
"Changing Lives Through the Magic of Music"

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Board of Directors & Management

Tony La Stella
Founder & General Manager

Thomas F, Chambers

Michele Carlton

Vice President

Alice Kamp

Eva Samtmann


Fran Fielden
Board Member at Large

Marv Litorja
Board Member at Large

John Abate
Board Member at Large

Steve Kamp
Board Member at Large

Eva Samtmann
Board Member at Large

Advisory Board:

Sherrie Wilson
Fund Raising Consultant

Rod Wittmier
Veteran Liaison

Matthew Straub
Technology Director

David Maestas
Maestro Strategic Solution

Social Media Consultant


Frank Selden
Legal Counsel



The Italian-American Pop Band, "Wise Guys" is a top act for charitable fundraisers across the USA due to musical versitility and wide age audience appeal performing "50 Years of Musical Hits...Rat Pack to the Rolling Stones."



Young artist sponsored by La Stella Foundation gets to perform for Internationally renowned tenor, Luciano Pavarotti.



Current Projects Include
* Producing 100 concerts each year at nominal or zero ticket costs to the public utilizing sponsor funding in order to provide quality music to the community while providing employment opportunities for artists.

* Partnering with charitable organizations and worthy causes in communities to provide music for fundraising events and other activities wherein the partnerships provide economic performances while gainfully employing artists.

* ICA Records ~ ICA Management is a sub-entity of La Stella Foundation whose purpose is to develop patrons of new musical recordings and working opportunities for artists.  GO TO:



Past Projects Include




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